What is TVCC?
TVCC’s purpose is to handle matters of administration, coordination, and communication in order to support the continued growth of CoDA as a whole and the spiritual growth of everyone who suffers from Co-Dependency. Below are the purpose and scope of TVCC as stated in the By-Laws of The Valleys Community Committee(TVCC) of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

TVCC is looking for support from the CoDA community. Read the flyer for more details about what TVCC does and how you can get involved.

The Committee has but one purpose, that of serving the fellowship of Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA). Its goals are to carry the CoDA message to those who still suffer from Co-Dependency, and to offer healthy support of the continuing growth of those recovering from Co-Dependency. The Committee serves in several ways.

  • First, in as much as each CoDA group is autonomous, TVCC has no authority or control over individual meetings or CoDA as a whole, but serves as an inter-group coordinator and mainline of communication between groups in order to help share information, problems and solutions.
  • Secondly, TVCC serves as the voice of the groups it represents in communication with other CoDA Community Committees and with regional and world CoDA organizations.
  • Thirdly, TVCC encourages and helps new groups with information, advice and starter materials.
  • Fourthly, TVCC may sponsor certain events, retreats, workshops, fellowship opportunities, etc. (see ARTICLE XI).
    Finally, TVCC may serve as an aid to CoDA Regional and/or CoDA World Fellowship when so requested.

The Valleys Community Committee shall provide its services to all CoDA groups in the Antelope, San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santa Clarita Valleys and to Ventura County.
Complete TVCC By-Laws(pdf)

TVCC Meeting Handbook:
The TVCC Meeting Handbook is offered by The Valleys Community Committee of Co-Dependents Anonymous as a suggested meeting aid and reference guide for CoDA groups.
TVCC Meeting Handbook (pdf)